The 2nd transnational WOODigital meeting took place on May 26th, 2021, via the Zoom Online Meeting Platform. Although the partners could not travel to Budapest (Hungary) in person due to Covid-19 restrictions, spirits were high and the exchange very dynamic and fruitful.

The meeting started with an informal exchange between project partners followed by a team building live quiz about Hungarian culture. 

Afterwards all partners presented their findings and feedback received from participants of the 1st Focus Group organized on national level in 5 project countries. The GMIT (Ireland) presented the updated training content including propositions of new and innovative training modules and pills addressed to Woodworkers 4.0. The project coordinator, MEDEF (France), initiated as well a discussion on the training recognition. Later, all WOODigital partners discussed the organization of the 2nd Focus Group concentrating on the methodology and training content. 

The next steps of the project and the to-do list was defined to guarantee an efficient project implementation and expected progress over the coming weeks and months. The meeting was an excellent opportunity to boost the engagement of WOODigital partners in developing the very unique and innovative training material for the European woodworking industry.  

Hopefully the sanitary situation will improve and  travel restrictions will be lifted soon so the project partners will be able to meet in person for the next transnational meeting in Italy.