From the research “The Woodworker 4.0. Market needs, knowledge, skills and competences required in the context of the Twin Transition (Green and Digital) in the furniture sector" carried out in the context of WOODIGITAL project activities, it emerges that the wood-furniture sector is facing a phase of Twin transition at a European level “Green and Digital” which looks more like a new revolution than a normal evolution.

Imposed on the one hand by the ongoing environmental and climate emergency and on the other favoured by the development of technologies, tools and methodologies accessible and  applicable also by SME's, the impact of this transition affects various part of the sector, from the design and implementation of products to business processes and work organization, passing from relations with the market.

The results of the research were submitted to the opinion of 56 experts in the sector belonging to different categories, from the business world to the universe of policy makers and training through 5 focus groups organized in the project countries: France, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Hungary.

The workshops confirm the urgency of advanced training on sustainability and circular economy issues and attention to the technologies and software already present in the company (CAM / CAD). They also urge to dedicate some training modules to disruptive technologies, which will influence the future of the furniture sector in the coming years, such as augmented and virtual reality / the “digital twins”, the principles of Additive Manufacturing. Basic and transversal skills are not to be neglected: "Woodworker 4.0" must have solid Project Management bases, must be able to act and communicate in multicultural contexts and have a developed self-entrepreneurship, without neglecting the attention to health and safety issues on the work and compliance with the regulatory standards in force.

From the research and suggestions of the experts, will be developed the new professional profile (job description, key competences, learning outcomes) of Woodworker 4.0 and a specific training course that will be available online!

The full report in English and a summary of it in French, Spanish, Italian and Hungarian are available in the "Download" section.