We have recently launched the WOODigital project website (www.woodigital.eu). The website is available in five languages, in English and in the four languages of the project partners: French, Italian, Hungarian and Spanish.

The website has been designed as a bidirectional communication tool between the WOODigital project partners and its main target audience: young Europeans (18-35 years old) working or interested in working in the wood and furniture sector.

The website consists of 6 sections. In "Project" the objectives, results and target audience of WOODigital are described in detail. The "Partners" section briefly introduces the members of the project. In "Digital Transformation" section we give a glimpse of the keys to this disruptive change that the industry and society are experiencing. The "Downloads" section is probably the most relevant section, where we will make available all relevant documents delivered by the project. In "News" we will keep you informed about the progress of WOODigital and other relevant issues for the sector. And finally, in "Contact Us" you can reach us at any time.