The WOODIGITAL partners are currently finalizing an innovative training that will be soon translated into 4 European languages and published on-line. The content of five training modules (Industry 4.0; 4.0 Software; 4.0 Machinery; 4.0 Manufacturing management; and Circular Economy) will be tested in the coming months by participants of virtual and physical mobilities who will validate the results of 2-year long collaboration of 6 European partners. 


STEP 1: Staff training mobility

The first short-term joint staff training mobility will be hold in May in Barcelona, Spain at CENTRE DE DIFUSIO TECNOLOGICA DE LA FUSTA I DEL MOBLE DE CATALUNYA premises. All together 10 persons, or 2 persons per partner institution (teachers, trainers, RTOs and SMEs managers) will join an EU-level 3-day training event during which they will be introduced to WOODIGITAL training methodology, debate and challenge it so as to keep on bringing out both strong and weak points, contributing to the training development. The ultimate goal of this mobility is to evaluate and validate a training methodology and content that shall be relevant, fit for purpose and corresponding to the woodworkers needs. Feedback collected will help WOODIGITAL partners to build on a solid background of knowledge and recommendations on how to manage, promote and transfer the training method before planned mobilities of young learners.

10 mobility participants will discover new technologies that are used in professional education or woodworkers 4.0. via visiting a local VET Institute, company, a university, and a FAB lab. They will also be given a chance to visit the CENFIM showroom WE contract BCN, and exchange with trainers involved in the development of WOODIGITAL training materials. Finally, they will participate in a best practises workshop during which they will exchange with other participants a piece of information on innovative business or training solutions, and latest practices applied by their respective institutions. 


STEP 2: Students/learners/workers mobility

The second blended mobility of VET learners will be organized at two levels: 


  • Virtual mobility

 Firstly, 100 students/learners/workers (20 per project country) will be enrolled into a 20-day educational programme delivered online/through virtual training between May and June 2022. The WOODIGITAL educational programme was developed by project partners to improve digital and green skills and competences of woodworkers. All participants will be asked to test the training content and provide their feedback at the end of their virtual mobility. 



  • Physical mobility

 Secondly, among participants of the virtual mobility, 5 students/young workers aged between 18 and 34, and two accompanying persons (per project partner) will travel to Italy to attend a 10-day long training programme in July 2022, both in Milan (Lombardy region) and Pesaro (Marche region) cities. All mobility participants hosted by FEDERAZIONE ITALIANA DELLE INDUSTRIE DEL LEGNO DEL SUGHERO DEL MOBILEE DELL' ARREDAMENTO ASSOCIAZIONE and CONSORZIO DEL MOBILE SCPA will visit VET schools, companies, FAB lab and participate in different workshops or training sessions allowing them to test acquired digital and green skills and competencies in «real life» situations.

This internship program will allow participating students and woodworkers to benefit from a unique training experience via face-to-face courses and practical activities specific to the developing woodworking and furniture industries. 

The mobility participants will be selected among candidates interested in developing their professional (digital) skills and (preferably) having a previous learning mobility experience abroad (an English level of min. B2 will be required). 

Finally, physical mobility participants will be requested to deliver a working paper summing up results of their virtual/physical mobility and providing feedback about the model and the dual learning/ digital learning. 

At the end of their mobility, they will receive an e-certificate valid for 5 years.

The selection of participants for all three types of mobility will be organised at a national level, individually by each WOODIGITAL partner institution in the month of March 2022. If you are interested in participating in any of those mobilities, please contact the project coordinator in your country to get information.