WOODIGITAL is an introductory course to Industry 4.0, specifically for the wood and furniture sector. This training material is integrated in an e-learning platform, and it is available in five languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian and Hungarian.

The course consists of five learning units and a total of twenty training pills. The total duration of the course is approximately 25 hours. The learning units of the course are the following:

- Industry 4.0

- 4.0 Software

- 4.0 Machinery

- 4.0 Manufacturing Management

- Circular Economy

Each learning unit includes engaging and diverse content, including short videos, case studies, reading materials, presentations, exercises and other additional learning resources.

At the end of each learning unit, students will have the opportunity to self-assess the knowledge acquired through a multiple-choice test. Students will obtain a certificate for each test passed and, if they pass all five tests, they will also obtain a final certificate for the WOODIGITAL course of EQF level 4 and of one ECVET credit.

Don't miss this excellent opportunity to acquire highly relevant digital, green and managerial skills. Become a competent WOODWORKER 4.0 and contribute to the digital and green transformation of the wood and furniture sector.

This course and the rest of the project results are freely available on the website www.woodigital.eu.